If you are wondering which of your old purchases can be worn this year, you have come to the right place. Here we have 10 trends of 2017 that are up to date!

This year, we have seen many new and fresh appearances in the fashion industry. Wherever there was once minimalism, now it’s strong and proud Maximalism. To help you recycle your wardrobe, we have made a list of the top fashion trends of 2017 that are here to stay.


1. Plaid Print

When it comes to prints, the vintage plaid was dominate in 2017. These classic designs, mostly in the 1980s, were the cause feminism spirit of the time. And this year they continue to rule as a must-have print. However, while the blazer was the most popular piece so far, things seem different in the upcoming months. While the blazer will still be a remarkable investment for those who do not already own one, other garments that carry the pattern, such as pants, skirts, and accessories, will also become key pieces of a wardrobe.



1. ZARA Long Check Dress
2. MARC JACOBS Plaid washed-silk shorts
3. H&M Bandeau bikini top & H&M Bikini bottoms High Waist
4. KENZO Plaid leather ankle boots


2. Red Everywhere

It may not have been the color of the year by Pantone, Nevertheless red is definitely a fashionable choice. In 2017, this fiery shade had captured the entire industry. Luckily for those who love red, this spicy shadow will continue to be trendy in 2019. So get red jerseys, trousers, dresses, jackets, accessories, because this color is still here. Make sure however that you have left some space in your wardrobe for purple, which also promises to be a popular color this year.



1. H&M Off-the-shoulder dress
2.FENDI Logo technical leggings & FENDI Sports bra
3. ZARA Floral Print Skirt & ZARA Printed Crop Top
4. Maison Margiela Crepe flared pants

3. Bold Earrings

While the 90’s choker trend is fading, the bold earrings are here to stay. From styles like extending to the shoulder to chandelier designs, all statement earrings will be popular this year as well. They’re ideal to add an impressive touch to a casual outfit but also for a glamorous night out. And best of all; With so many options available, it’s so easy to find a pair that suits your personal style.



1. stradivarius Rectangle faceted earrings
2. ZARA Beaded Earrings



1. Η&Μ Long clip earrings
2. H&M Long earrings


4. White Booties

While many colors in shoes were popular during 2017, including gold, metal, and red, white is what we saw most of in 2018 and we will see this year as well. To make them for the spirit of now, choose between thin and low or too thick and high heels. Just remember, keeping your white shoes clean is an essential. Shattering marks, dirt and mud will quickly transform your look from sleek into messy.



1. NEOUS Clowesia leather mid-calf boots
2. Gianvito Rossi Mable Mid Bootie



1. ZARA Fabric High-top Sneakers
2. Βershka Platform ankle boots


5. Belt Bag 

It may have been a surprise for many, but the belts bags quickly became one of the most important trends this year. Thanks to their practicality and unique reputation, these handsfree bags dominated the street style in 2017 and comes to reign supreme, two years later. All you need to do is choose a style that suits your outfit. For example, a large belt bag with plastic zipper fits into a sporty look while a smaller bag in boho style matches a more feminine set.



1. NANNACAY Maia fringed crocheted belt bag
2. OFF-WHITE Neon snake-print shell belt bag



1. stradivarius Raffia-effect belt bag
2. stradivarius Neon belt bag


6. 60s Florals 

You can set your inner hippie free in the next few months as the ’60s florals  continue to bloom in the fashion world. The flower print is not just for Grandma’s couch. You can easily wear it in dresses, skirts, trousers, even in shoes. For an eye catching look, select pieces that have large and bright flowers on a dark or subdued background.



1. STINE GOYA Jasmine Dress – Daffodil Indigo
2. ZARA Floral Print Blazer & Floral Print Trousers
3. DIANE VON FURSTENBERG Dita Silk Knee-Length Dress
4. Massimo Dutti Floral Print Shirt & Massimo Dutti Wide Fit Floral Print Trousers


7. Matrix Glasses

This season has proven that accessories do not have to be large to have a big impact. The “Matrix” glasses are so sophisticated but also so impressive and have an important moment in today’s trends. These glasses are a favorite accessory in street style, but also in celebrities. From the elegant versions of the cat-eye to the ultra-thin, oval designs, the “Matrix” glasses of all kinds have come to dominate in 2019. The best part? The retro meets the futuristic style and can work with almost any set. Just make sure to choose a style that fits your face shape.



1. BALENCIAGA Square-frame acetate mirrored sunglasses
2. DRIES VAN NOTEN Round-frame gold-tone and tortoiseshell acetate sunglasses
3. POPPY LISSIMAN Le Skinny cat-eye acetate sunglasses
4. LE SPECS Electrocool square-frame gold-tone and tortoiseshell acetate sunglasses


8. Statement Suits

Women’s fashion was strong and bold this year with impressive colors and designs all coming from several decades. Especially the suits that really reached the peak and created many impressive looks. From the bright yellow hues and the bold stripes to the unusual plaid and creative cuts, the suit left the office and matched a casual outfit.



1. ZARA Floral Print Blazer & Floral Print Trousers
2. stradivarius Oversized linen blazer & stradivarius Linen cargo shorts
3. Η&Μ Linen-blend jacket & Η&Μ Paper bag shorts
4. Bershka Blazer with rolled-up 3/4 sleeves & Bershka Paperbag trousers


9. Daytime Sequins

Sequins got away from the evening dress in 2017 and appeared in the light of the day. And they rushed to attract the attention of street style photographers, making them an important trend. In 2018, we have undoubtedly seen them to flood street styles looks. To achieve the perfect style, simply mix & match the sequins with a simple white t-shirt or a loose topcoat and of course casual shoes.



1. ISABEL MARANT Odiz sequined crepe skinny pants
2. H&M Denim jacket with sequins
3. H&M Sequined skirt
4. R13 Sequin-embellished tie-dyed cotton-jersey T-shirt


10. Berets and Baker Boy Hats

The hats made an impressive rally in 2017 and it seems their popularity will continue to grow. There is a wide range of fedora or panama hats and wide-brimmed styles of earlier times. This year’s favorite style is berets and baker boy hats. Chic and uniquely stylish, these hats match many sets. If you wish to have one for everyday occasions, then choose simple black patterns, intense leather styles and anything that has a retro aesthetic.



1. ZARA Nautical Cap
2. stradivarius Rustic sailor hat