When you hear sequins, animal print and lingerie, definitely the first thing that comes to mind is not the office. And yet these three can be worn in the office and make your appearance more interesting.

The secret is the quantity… you need small doses of them… We are not talking about a whole sequin dress or a total animal print look. What you can wear in the office is a beautiful top that you will match with your suit and you will immediately upgrade your usual office look with something more glamorous and elegant.

Some more styling tips for this evening tops and how to wear them in the office by the #VesperStylish girl Terry Paganopoulou


– Choose a monochrome lingerie top and not one with prints. Black and white will be matched with everything but a gold one can make the difference. If you want to add color then choose darker tones such as burgundy and cypress.

– For the animal print top, the best choice is the neutral shades such as white and black or brown and black. Avoid some prints that have more intense colors like red.

– Sequins are a must in an evening look but in the office they can be a bit too much. So choose a black sequin top or something even more subtle like transparent sequins on a soft pink color.

Bonus – these festive days these 3 evening tops will keep you in a festive mood all day, even in the office!