These days most of us work from home wich is actually a new experience. If you’ve never worked from home in the past, you will have a weird feeling that now home is the same thing as your office. Some of us may have to use social media and internet for the first time, as a mean of doing our job from a distance and not with a physical presence to the office.

How can we manage to adapt with quarantine life? Here are some tips for working from home!

Get dressed as if you were going to work

Make a routine in the house, as if you are still going to work. What does that mean; get up in the morning, do your makeup and dress differently each day as if you were leaving home. Put on your favorite perfume. Just the process of preparation,  makeup, well-groomed hair and a change of pajamas will lift your mood. At the same time you will be ready if one of your colleagues requests an online meeting via skype. Furthermore if you eat a full breakfast, you will have more energy and you’ll do your job more pleasantly.

work from home

Tidy up your home office

It’s important to have a nice corner in your house these days that you stay in and work. Make the changes you want in your office and tidy it as you like.

 Take short breaks 

If you work on a computer it is good to get up from your desk for a few minutes. Don’t forget to move around your house. You can have short breaks and drink a cup of coffee or, if you work late, a glass of wine may help.

παιδιά και καραντίνα

Children and work

If you are a mother and have children, it is important to explain them that your new office will be at home for a short period of time. It is best not to be distracted during working hours. I would suggest using headphones, if it helps you concentrate from your children’s fuss.