Christina Badoyianni - Χριστίνα Μπαδογιάννη - Vesper Fashion EditorAs March is reaching its end and the days become more warm and sunny, it’s expected to look for brighter colours to wear and leave in the closet the ones with dark and heavy fabrics. As a result of this weather, and our tendency to shop often, it’s at least important to decide what is missing from our wardrobe and buy it, so that we can be ready for the rest spring months.

Summarizing, 5 are the dominate trends for this Spring and we should find what fits to our style based on these : ruffles as details on the sleeves or as basic motive, knots and strings for shoes and tops. The athleisure trend remains popular for this spring as well. Choose sporty pieces matched with urban ones for your walks. As far as the patterns is concerned we will see floral and stripes, vertical or horizontal, with two or more colour combinations.



 Highwaist Denim with bows Bershka | Heeled mules with knots  ZARA | Top with knots on sleeves ZARA


Sweater with Flounces H&M | Wide shorts with ruffles ZARA | Cropped trousers with ruffles Bershka


Maxi shining dress  Bershka | City bag with stripes in match  ZARA | Assymetrical Striped Dress  ZARA


Crosswised bag with flowers   ZARA | Embroidered High heels  ZARA  | Maxi shining Dress  Bershka


Corduroy cap   Bershka | Drawstring Trousers ZARA | Embroidered Sweatshirt ZARA