A fine manicure always brings a big smile to a woman’s face. Same goes for pedicure especially during summer. Since we have returned from our vacations and we are about to go to work or back to school and our everyday life, why should we be stressed for our nails as well? That’s why we’ll have for you 8 nail trends for Fall ’19 to go for this season!

Of course, you can choose whatever color and design you wish for, but it helps to know what’s trendy this fall, if you want to try something new and different. Another great suggestion is to play with different color combinations.

Nail length is not that important, but you should make sure they do not have cuticles or hangnails. They have to be well-shaped and you should use long-lasting nail polish, that prevents chipping from the second or third day even if you’re doing chores at home. Α semi-permanent manicure is the perfect solution for us full time working women, that we are trying to catch up with everything during the day, but at the same time, we don’t want to neglect ourselves. This type of manicure will make your daily life easier, lasting at least two weeks. In addition, the procedure will make you very feel relaxed, since it is always nice to been taken care of.

νύχια σε μαύρο ματ

So in the fall, you will see, I presume, your favorite black colour, in a matte version with rhinestones or in combination with some cool color and design.

ροζ με glitter νύχια

The glitter, which I think we’ve already loved during summer, is still trending on September, with colors such as soft pink or yellow.

μεταλλικό χρυσό

Metallic colors are also prevalent, as they certainly offer a very impressive effect.

negative space νύχια

You can choose a manicure that will have color only at the tip of the nails, the so-called negative space. You can do it in both light and dark colors, even though I believe a dark colour looks better.

νύχια φθινόπωρο λευκό ροζ

Another autumnal and very sweet nail trend is white-pink.

πράσινο χρώμα στα νύχια

Of course, you couldn’t leave out green color for this season, as it is the color of nature. If you that’s your choice then you would have a very chic manicure!

πουά νύχια

The top manicures for autumn are the polka dot pattern or small lines.

μανικιούρ με γράμματα

Finally, a trend we have seen before are words. You can either ask the nail artist to give you an idea or write something that expresses you.