Maria Tripolitaki Vesper Beauty & Fashion editorMarch 8th was and is a day dedicated to women all over the world. It was originally dedicated to a big protest that took place in 1857  in New York, by textile industry female workers, who demanded better working conditions in a highly male chauvinism period. These women laid the foundations in women’s rights claiming. The same influence had 8 ethereal human beings in fashion, which with their style and personality changed fashion.




Coco Chanel: “I don’t do fashion, I am fashion”

The most important female fashion designer was inevitable to affect fashion with her style. Jersey suits, tweed (knit) suits, drape turban, shirts, women’s sweaters, blazer, pleated skirts, women’s trousers, strapless dresses, trench coat, cashmere cardigan, small black dress, chain belt, jewelery in clothes, quilted bag with chain, short hair and perfume No. 5 are just some of the features of Coco Chanel that will remain unchanged in time.


Rita Hayworth:“Put the blame on mame, boys” from Gilda

The charming actress made red hair colour trend in the 40s. She  introduced light makeup and the charm of the girl next door, while they were preceded two decades of intense exaggeration. Rita Hayworth has undoubtedly been a cinema and fashion icon of the 20th century and has been engraved in our memory through her leading role in the movie Gilda and the satin black dress that showed her ultimate femininity.

Audrey Hepburn: “Happy girls are the prettiest”

The girl of “Tiffany’s” will never stop inspiring us with her style, no matter how many years will pass. Audrey Hepburn, the third in the list of the biggest female stars of all time, according to the American Film Institute, was the synonym of elegance. The small black dress (designed by Givenchy for the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s), the midi skirt, white shirt, striped trousers, beige trench coat, the cashmere coat with upright collar, the black leather bag, the cloth espandrilles, the round straw hat, the black gloves, pearl earrings and the black sunglasses are all the necessary items to look like Audrey.  Her elegant and minimal style combined with clothes that emphasized her delicate figure, set up her as a style guru.

Mairilyn Monroe: “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world”

The curvy blonde girl that none of us is going to forget, has been a role model for millions of women. Her rich proportions, her porcelain skin, her blond curls, her red lips, her revealing clothes, and her cuteness made her the ultimate sex symbol of the 1950s. A symbol that will remain unchanged in time.


Twiggy: “There’s no need to dress like everyone else. It’s much more fun to create your own look”

The first model that established the anorexic and androgynous style, is one of the most fashionable faces in the 1960s. Twiggy, though only 43kg and 1.67 tall, managed to conquer the catwalks and fashion magazines. The short male haircut, the big eyes with huge eyelashes, the anorexic silhouette and the her fragile beauty constituted her “artillery” to defeat the patterns of her era that wanted the juicy woman with rich curves and a small periphery. Twiggy undoubtedly won the title of the top model of the season and the mold for many small Twiggies back then.


 Brigitte Bardot: “Fashion may not be a weapon of the woman but at least it gives her the ammunition”

And God … created woman. It was no accident that this particular actor was chosen for the leading role of this film.
The French Brigitte was another “bomb” of her time. Her lovely body that looked like a ballerina, her blonde slumber long hair, the striped shirt, the red pants, the cropped jeans, the flat ballerinas, the intense cat-eye liner on the eyelids, the big straw hat combined with a swimsuit and the sunny skin were some of the “keys” of her style that made her synonym with sex appeal.


Jacqueline (Jackie) Kennedy

The woman, who became the ultimate model of a powerful husband’s wife, created her own style in the middle of the 20th century. The First Lady of the USA will be left engraved in our memory for her excellent dressing taste and her behavior as a hostess. The “legendary” pink suits, the strapless dresses, the waist bow, the white gloves to the elbow, the wonderful capes, the hat with round cornice, the combination of black and white, the monochrome in her clothes and her love for the white, big black sunglasses, head scarves, and fine-grained hair are some of the legacies that Jackie has left with her style in the unwritten elegance rules of the more grandiose First Lady.

Diana Vreeland: “Style is everything. Helps you get up in the morning, helps you get down the stairs. It’s a way of life. Without it you’re nothing. And I’m not talking about lots of clothes”

The legendary editor in chief of Vogue and fashion editor of Harper’s Bazaar was the woman who portrayed Laureen Bacall, glorified bikini and put her signature on the appearances of Jacky Kennedy as her fashion consultant. Diana Vreeland has stood out for her special and elegant style, but also for her strong personality. Nobody managed to imitate her style, though she was a continuous inspiration for 20th century women. Diana has undoubtedly been one of the fashion icons of her time, but also the person who has managed to bring the audience closer to the fashion world, making fashion design more accessible and comprehensible.