Our precious hair are suffering, more than often, because of the way we treat them. Changing colors using chemical dyes and styling them with excessive heat, make them look dull and toneless. However, there are ways to make them stay healthy and shine again.

  1. Avoid heat

And by that I don’t mean how hot it is on a shiny day. I mean the excessive heat caused by hair dryers and hair straighteners. The more you use those to style your hair, the more you hurt them. Let them rest for a few days between styling.

  1. Silk pillows

I agree, silk sheets are ridiculously slippery. But silk pillows are a whole different story. Rubbing your hair against the pillow every night makes them break more easily and get frizzy. Try sleeping on a silk pillow and you will notice the difference the next morning.

  1. Take it easy on washing

You don’t need to wash your hair daily, but you have to keep them clean. 2 to 3 times a week should be more than ok, but that also depends on how greasy your hair are.  Remember to wash them with warm (not hot) water and cold at the very end, to help the hair scales close faster.

  1. Moisture

Just like every other inch of your skin needs hydration, so does the skin under your hair. stay away from the “2-in-1” products and use 2 separate products but make sure they are reliable.

  1. Don’t change your shampoo too often

You may have notice that when you change often your face or body cream, your skin reacts differently. The same goes for your hair. Instead of buying every time the cheapest shampoo on store, choose one and stick to it. You will notice the difference.

  1. Eat properly

It goes without saying that our diet effects everything on our body. Try eating enough chicken, red meat and fish, in order to take iron, zinc, and omega 3 fatty acids that help to stimulate growth in hair follicles.

  1. Vitamins

If your hair don’t grow, fall or break too often, you might be missing some vitamins. Don’t hesitate to take a food supplement -there are plenty who are beneficial for your hair or nails, like vitamin B or vitamin D.

  1. Sun exposure

This should also go without saying, but let’s repeat it once more. The sun is really delectable, but it can also be really dangerous for our skin and hair. In addition the salt water from swimming in the sea, then dehydration is a certainty for your hair. Buy a hair spray with SPF protection and use it often to moisture your hair.