Kiev-based Kofta Studio is known for its creativity in exploring boundaries of fashion and art, aesthetics and functionality. Every single one of his collections is a surprise, a breakthrough, a statement. We have seen bags in fruit-shapes and colors, baroque architectural bags and bug bags. All of them were unconventional and impressive.

Now, his new collection, ABC, is made from simple lines and forms, in an attempt to create futuristic designs of geometry perfection. Forms cleared from any symbolism and metaphoricity, repeatability, monochrome, neutral surfaces, industrial materials and methods of manufacture. ABC seeks to convey the simplified essence and form of objects, cutting off secondary images and shells. The symbolism prevails based on three main figures also colors, dots and lines.

“I want to allow the viewer to gain different perspective on familiar things through synergizing with my artwork. My bags serve as a canvas for expressing my creative intentions through properties that they did not initially possess, endowing them with ability to bring aesthetic pleasure, while maintaining functionality”, comment the designer of the collection, Konstantin Kofta.