On the show “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Andrew Garfield spoke about his nomination for a Best Actor oscar award for the movie “Tick, Tick… ​​BOOM”. Asked by the presenter if he has prepared his speech in case he wins, the actor confessed that he does not think he is odds-on favorite and that is why he will simply enjoy the evening. As it is known, there are several sites that present the leading stars for that particular night and he himself, after an internet search, discovered that he is not one of them. On the other hand, he did not want to reveal the name of the odds-n favorite in order not to jinx him! However, it seems that he does not lose hope and if he wins, he will be surprised in a “genuine and adorable way” as he said.

In the NETFLIX movie “tick, tick… BOOM”, Andrew Garfield plays the young theatrical composer Jonathan Larson, who is struggling to write the musical that will become the next big hit. At the same time he works as a waiter so that he can live. The artist tries to find inspiration and manage to present his work, while receiving pressure from everywhere. When he decides that the best he can do is write about what is happening around him, about his loved ones but also about the AIDS that is a real plague at that time, then he discovers the real recipe for success.

Andrew Garfield: Μιλάει για την υποψηφιότητά του για OSCAR

Of course, the famous actor could not fail to mention in his interview the other big film of the year, “Spider-man: No way Home” where he hinted that it should be the best film of the year. He also commented on the photo with the three different Spider-men and the fact that it was not planned at all. They just made them wear the uniforms, placed them on the set and asked them to point at each other. He also said that the photo that was released must have been the only good one because all the time the actors were laughing out of awkwardness.

Impressive was the appearance of the famous actor as well, styled by Fashion Stylist, Warren Alfie Baker. The stylist chose a suit in Burnt Orange color while he completed his appearance with a pair of white leather sneakers from the brand SANTONI.