Fashion designer Angelos Bratis has an atelier in Kolonaki – a district of Athens, Greece, very well known for its connection with fashion and haute couture. His creative space is located at a building designed by the architect Ioannis Despotopoulos (1903-1992), the only representative of the Bauhaus movement in Greece. In 2019, the atelier of the renowned fashion designer opened its doors to the public, at the ground floor of the building, which used to be the architect’s office, while the loft, used to be his home. 

ANGELOS BRATIS Studio (former office of Ioannis Despotopoulos)- Open House Athens

When entering Angelos Bratis’ studio, you realise that the space is nothing less than a connection between our modern era and the nostalgic past. Its structure, furniture and the general aesthetic, all perfectly preserved in their original form. It is worth mentioning that most of the furniture were designed by I. Despotopoulos himself, who followed the rule “form follows function”. In minimal lines, the furniture are designed to be comfortable and functional, as stated by the general philosophy of Bauhaus. It is clear why Angelos Bratis created his space here. The simple lines of his clothing perfectly match the minimalistic flair of the interior. After all, Angelos Bratis could be considered a fashion architect, since all his collections are precisely designed to compliment female figure, while offering comfort and flow. 

Bratis Blue Collection by Angelos Bratis

Everywhere you look, you discover vintage elements. Where perfectly filed designs used to be, or numerous of sharp pencils and architecture magazines that were collected from 1953 to ’85, now all you can see is clothing designs, fabrics and sewing threads. A modern, professional space that fully embraces nostalgic Athens of the ‘50s.



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Angelos Bratis atelier, is considered to be an architectural monument of the city, with a distinctive aesthetic in interior design. Therefore, it is only natural to be part of this year’s Open House Athens festival, that took place in autumn 2020. Through the Virtual Tours, that are the main theme of the youtube channel, we had the chance to wander around the space, meet part of our history and enjoy the current collection of the famous fashion designer, at first hand. You can watch the full tour below and meet the creative space where two major Arts meet and connect, in the most authentic way.




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