How modern could be a simple white dress inspired by the veils of classical Greece and how “modern” are our clothes today?

In the most recent Christian Dior fashion show, we saw a dress on which the title of the book by the Australian-American sociologist and design expert, Bernard Rudofsky, “Are Our Clothes Modern? “, was written.


We searched for this book and we found that it is available online, Μoma- Museum of Modern Art .

How harmful can be the high heels for the anatomy of the female foot? How absurd are buttons, pockets and zippers when they have no utility? How anachronistic are the midi or maxi dresses that restrict our movements while walking?

It is no coincidence that the author, as an interior designer himself, gave a lecture entitled “How can people expect good architecture when wearing such clothes?”

Chiuri, the artistic director of Christian Dior, told that the inspiration for this book played a decisive role in the creation of the current collection, and that those who are involved in making clothes should definitely read Rudovski’s book.