Maria Tripolitaki Vesper Beauty & Fashion editor

If you think about it, the bag is your best friend. At work, at the gym, at shopping, even in the clubs’ wc. You are never separated from her. And how can you, since she contains what’s most useful things when you go out. This is the only reason why it has to be unique and to offer a trendy touch in your looks. This season try to choose the most fashionable summer bag so that you look even more dazzling. She the following #VesperFashionFinds for more shiny moments:


1. Birkin’s basket

Beautiful actress Jane Birkin, couldn’t imagine that besides participating to the most romantic song, “Je t’aime” by her husband Serge Gainsbourg, her basket that she kept at her house in Cannes, would become a trendy bag.

Years later, Birkin is vindicated for her originality and her basket bag becomes a trendy fashion item. Let’s not forget that it was not the only time that fashion was inspired by Jane, as Hermès gave her name to the “Birkin Bag”, which is now a symbol of style and one of the “it” accessories for celebrities like Victoria Beckham.

Eugenia Kim-Flavia Bag


2. Grace’s touch

Speaking for name inspirations, the  Grace Kelly cannot be left out of our list. Named after the most popular actress in the world, as she was awarded in 1956 with Golden Globe, but also the beautiful Princess of Monaco. Everyone remembers the black leather that Grace opened in “Window Rear” movie. It looked like a small box. Later it was named box bag, while Mark Cross called it “Grace box” and this season is one of the hottest summer accessories.

Mark Cross-Grace Box Rattan Bag


3. Summer fruits

We are leaving women that left their mark on fashion for a while, and we are going  to bags that have summer fruits designs, from pineapple to watermelon. Choose your favorite and become the ultimate summer icon of fashion.

Tomasini-Ananas Suede Shoulder Bag

Oysho-Watermelon raffia wallet

4. Suede in Summer

If suede is your favorite fabric, this season is very fashionable and will be worn winter-summer, so you need a suede bag in your wardrobe, mostly an oversized one to carry all your belongings.

H&M-Suede Shopper with Clutch

5. From the basket to bucket

Besides your favorite basket bag, your trendy look can be completed with a bucket bag that is also suitable for day to night looks. Moschino gives you a “golden” choice.

Moschino-Bucket Bag

6. Transparency everywhere

Transparency this season goes through from all the fashion houses, so it can’t be missed as a bag. Choose a clutch box like Charlotte Olympia and shine like a summer princess.

Charlotte Olympia-Lucky Pandora

7. Your favorite animal

Almost all big fashion houses presented this season bags with prints especially starring our favorite animals like kittens, bunnies, horses, etc. So Greek company Axel could not be an exception from this new trend.

Axel-Arty Donkey Two Way Bag