Who doesn’t have complaints from his mother? Surely there will be something we did not agree with her when we were young and we still have to remind her at every opportunity. On the other hand, how many times have we heard our mother saying “When you become a parent you will understand”.

I am a mother of two children and I have to confess that now that I became a parent some things I understand but still some things I don’t. For these that I understand, I think “my mother was right”, for everything else I try to do better with my own children. What do I think makes me a better mom?

First of all hugs! Growing up in a family with four children and a working mother surely there were other priorities than hugs. Everyday responsibilities had to be settled and after them who has time for anything else. So, for me, no day goes by that I don’t hug my children, tell them how much I love them, how important they are to me, and how lucky I am that they are in my life. I confess, I maybe doing it a bit too much, and that’s not good either, but they are still small and I think if they grow up more they will tell me the classic quote “let go of me now, mom”. So I am trying to take advantage of it now as much as I can.

One more thing that fast everyday rhythms prevent is playing time. I remember endless hours playing alone, like the only girl in the family for several years , and making up fantastic stories on my mind. But I also had the chance to grow up in the neighborhood and play with my neighbors in our house big yard. So I know how important the game is for children and in nowdays  that we are locked in an apartment I know what they are lacking. That’s why I try to teach them these games we used to play in our yards, like seek and hide, and share with them the joy, the laughter and the satisfaction of games.

Mom never lies. Difficult to be succeeded but trust is the most important thing for me in order to have a strong and stable relationship with my children. Since they were babies I remember them whining at the door every time I had to go to somewhere and grandmothers were babysitting. But I never left in secret, I never tricked them because I think that way they would be more insecure. In time, they realized that Mom would go away no matter what, but she would be back soon. Even when we go to the doctor and are to do a vaccine they will know it, even though they don’t like it. On the other hand they know that when I tell them that something will not hurt them or it’s just an examination, it’s true.

Play time!!!

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There is a saying “If only I had known at the time”. Children learn life step by step and of course they have many questions. Questions that may seem difficult to be answered, but we have to do it. My reasoning is that if I do not tell them in the right way, then they will turn to other sources that often aren’t the best. So, I am always open to any questions and I try to answer them as best as I can according to the age of the child. I try to be always accessible to any matter that concerns them.

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Yes, I’m trying to be a better mom. But I know that no mom and no parent in general can be perfect. I understand that now because there are times that I think “You will only understand, when you become a parent yourself”. Since I can’t be perfect, my only wish is that my children will become even better parents than me!

Just playing cats and dogs! Artistic family!!!

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