A woman has many roles and obligations in her daily life. In order to look fresh and shiny all day long, there are some must haves for her beauty bag! So wherever you are in the car, at work, or anywhere else, there are some makeup and skincare products which will help you refresh at any time!

γυναικείο νεσεσέρ lip balm

First of all, you need a lip balm to moisturize your lips and make them look juicier. An eye cream, will help your eyes not to look tired or a concealer that covers black circles. This will make them look brighter and more relaxed! Prefer these two in a pen so that you can easily and quickly apply them with your hands. A blush or bronzer is a must to accentuate your cheekbones.

πινέλο στο γυναικείο νεσεσέρ

A lip gloss in a pal shade is essential, especially if you are not home all day and you have arranged to go out for a drink or a meal after work. Don’t forget to put on your makeup bag, a mascara that you can use all day long. It doesn’t have to be too heavy to accentuate your look.

Finally, a small mirror is exactly what you need to help you see all the details, as well as a small brush. Finaly, your perfume has to be in your beauty bag at all times. That’s all you need and  you’re good to go!