Dry skin is very common during cold winter months. Especially in our hands, who are tired from all the labour and are more exposed to the cold. Another factor causing dry skin is the difference in temperature between the cold outside and the heat in our home or at the office.

 Because of this dryness, our skin needs extra care and hydration during winter in order to protect them against irritation and premature aging. So how can you deal with dry skin this year? Here are some helpful tips!

Bioten body cream

Avoid exfoliating your skin and especially your face, which is the only one that you can’t cover even if you’re wearing a cape and a scarf. An exfoliation scrub for example could enhance dryness as it opens up the pores. A face cleanser that has no astringent ingredients is better to be used.

Panthenol face gel

Take care of your skin using a moisturizing face cream or a hand cream that will heal and prevent dryness and will make it much smoother. Finally, if you see your skin getting irritated by the cold or humidity and has redness, then treat it immediately with some ointment with soothing properties.