Hydration is very important for our face and body. It is crucial  to provide hydration care for our skin in a daily basis and avoid being dehydrated.

How can we achieve that? Here at {vesper} we have all the necessary beauty tips!

Water and vitamins

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Our body needs one liter of water per day to “quench your thirst” and detoxify our organism. Also, with the vitamins in fruits and vegetables, our immune system, our body, and therefore our skin are protected. Some vitamins, such as C and B, are effective against wrinkles, freckles and make our skin glow.

Proper cleansing and hydration

πλύσιμο χεριών

Proper face cleansing and hydration, means not forgetting to remove all our make up, put on our moisturizer, do a face mask once a week. After the bath, we take care of our body with the appropriate products. And of course we take great care of our hands, especially now that we wash them more often and we use antiseptics. We don’t forget to use a hand cream,  against dryness!

Extra tips

σωστός ύπνος


We gently wipe and don’t rub our face and body with a towel. Of course, don’t forget that proper sleep, exercise and avoiding smoking contribute to proper hydration.