On holidays we are all more relaxed and we spend hours under the sun on the beach. The sun and the sea certainly have some benefits for our health and our skin, but when you are on the beach too long you have to take good care of your face and body complexion as well as your hair. You should be careful not to dehydrate or get a sunburn.

Equally important is skin care after the holidays, which many women neglect to do. This is because they are returning to everyday routine with faster rhythms, more obligations and stress.

If you want to have a healthy skin during winter and summer, we have for you just the right beauty tips for when you get back in town!

First of all your skin, after all that sunbathing you definitely had on the island, needs a deep cleansing,  in order to remove the dead cells and totally remove any amount of sunscreen or make up, which you used so much on holidays.

μάσκα καθαρισμού από άργιλο l'roreal για το πρόσωπο

L’ oreal Paris Detox Mask

scrub l'roeal για το πρόσωπο

L’ oreal clearing scrub

For the face, I would suggest a clay mask, that cleanses and detox your skin, that is so much needed  after the over exposure to the sun. If you aim for a long lasting radiance and rejuvenation for face and lips, it is a good idea to apply a scrub, two or three times a week and massage gently. In the market you will find products with various ingredients so you can choose the one that suits your needs best.

korres μάσκα θρέψης μαλλιών

Hairmask for dry, Korres

As for your hair care, that also suffered by the sun and the sea salt, they need hydration in order to recover and be able to cope with the hair dryer, we women often use during winter.

Ideally a nutrition mask for damaged and dry hair, after bath, will make your hair stronger and shiny again. Also remember that you do not have to wash them every day, as it damages your hair’s ph and they become oily more easily. Use a conditioner or a hair mask two to three times a week, that is all you need to have healthy hair.


apivita απολεπιστικό σώματος

Deep exfoliating cream, Apivita

apivita κρέμα σώματος

Apivita Royal Honey Rich Moisturizing Body Cream

Finally, for your body skin care, you’ll need an exfoliating cream, that will prepare the skin to be properly hydrated after the frequent sunbathing you had. Also a body moisturizer, in daily use will provide you with the care it needs and you will feel more radiant and fresh.