Elegance, style and French air ….

It is well known that French women have a chic and impeccable style and so does… their makeup!



Some very useful beauty habits and practices have been incorporated into their beauty routine.

So let’s get some inspiration by following these small but valuable tips:


# 1. A frequent and gentle facial massage can increase the blood circulation and restore your physical glow.

# 2. Choosing a very soft and natural makeup with a bit of blush and avoiding the intense makeup can reveal the beautiful facial features of every woman.

# 3. Their effortless hairstyling always looks beautiful and shiny but this is based on the good hydration of the hair and their proper care.

# 4. You shouldn’t neglect your skincare routine during the week. Dedicate a few minutes for a beauty mask to add extra shine to your skin.

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Apart from what French women are used to do, there are also some things that they constantly avoid.

For example, statistics show that French women prefer light textures to products they use and they rarely use full coverage foundation or contouring products.


A lesson for today: Removing unnecessary elements, believing in ourselves and the joy that lies… in simplicity!