Sometimes we can not imagine that such a small space as our balcony, can be transformed into a beautiful shelter and our personal space of relaxation.

Especially for apartments that do not have a garden, balconies are the only intermediate space with the outdoor environment that we can decorate in some simple ways.

What we should do is create small cozy corners and give them character with our personal taste.

These corners will become a relaxing space, ideal for reading, breakfast and coffee.

Another idea that will add points to relaxation but also to elegance is to use a small or larger couch or even a rocking chair depending on the free space that you have.

We could say that some very interesting additions in this case are the pillows.

The trend now is tropical patterns as well as some interesting line designs.


Another key element to decorate your balcony is of course plants!

They are never enough. Choose the ones that you like the most and learn how to take care of them.

Use every kind of pots and pans, planters and even crates to place them.

Ideally, combine them with other decorative elements.

How small is your balcony is not something that really stops you from creating a dream space.

In fact, what you really need, is imagination and some good ideas.

When you will create the balcony of your dreams, enjoy the sunset and the evening hours, making sure you have lanterns, one or more rows of lights and some beautiful candles.

Are you ready to create memories in your new favourite place of your house?

Have fun!