The synonym of the coldest months, in terms of our style,  is our favorite cozy knitwear!
And while we have already made a tribute to knit dresses, it is time to talk about a really useful and comfortable knitwear piece.

Cardigans are upgraded this year to the so-called Coatigans, which are long cardigans worn over our basic outfits.

Coatigans are here to help us when our coat looks too heavy for daytime temperatures or does not match with the rest of the layering of our looks.

Coatigans are great clothing pieces from the beginning of  autumn until the end of spring.

In addition, it is not necessary to remove it indoors because they belong to the “cardigan category” rather than this of the coats.

Ideally match your coatigan with a waistband to give it a more feminine fitting and do not hesitate to choose bold colors.
From your casual jean and a T-shirt to your formal maxi pleated dresses, it literally fits everything.

The Coatigan is definitely a must have piece for this winter!