It is said that beauty springs from within, it’s the reflection of our inner psyche and mood outwards. In our days many cosmetic companies have become our allies in maintaining our youth and charm. The wonderful Hollywood stars we so admire for their beauty didn’t become beauty icons by chance. They have a very specific way of taking care of themselves, they are diligent and have their beauty secrets. But what is it that makes them last in time? We are going to reveal some of the stars’ “beauty tips”, all you have to do is follow the ones that fit you.



“Pretty Woman” may have grown up a little, but her charm still remains. She is irresistible and timeless. Like all of us, Roberts, has to put on heavy make-up, however she makes sure to remove even the slightest trace of make up before she goes to sleep at night. The American star has managed to have time on her side thanks to some basic habits, such as applying her sunscreen every time she has to go outdoors. Roberts swears to be big fan of moisturizer cream. Her beauty secrets are simple and basic that every woman can easily follow.



She is by far, the most beautiful Bond Girl. Uncompromising, sexy and completely reconciled with her age. Monica Bellucci or the “Malena”of our childhood revealed all the secrets of her endless beauty and charm. Her motto is “Eat right, sleep well and have a lot of sex.” So according to Bellucci, being “Femme Fatale” is not that complicated.



She is considered to be one of the most coveted women in the world, as her irresistible Mediterranean natural beauty, in addition to her talent, established her as a star in the Hollywood industry. The main beauty secrets of Jones is her hair, which are always shiny and very long. Her beauty tip is very simple, on washed hair she applies a beauty mask by mixing:

1 bottle of beer

2 tablespoons honey

Leave the mask on for 5 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water. A natural recipe that can maintain the shine and beauty of your hair.


Super Bowl 2020 reminded us why we admire Jennifer Lopez or “Jennie from the block” so much. Seeing the Latin star, our mind goes to ancient Greek goddesses or priestesses who with their beauty conquered the male population. Her appearance on stage was so explosive that made even men forget that their intention was to watch (American) football. Her beauty habits are simple and beneficial, some of them are listed below.

  • She never skips her training.

She’s not one of those girls who’s going to snuggle under the quilt and forget about her daily routine. Her day starts with energy and definitely morning gymnastics.

  • She is not sunbathing

It is known that the sun destroys the collagen of the skin, this is well known by the Latina star as she always wears her sunscreen.

  • She sleeps for several hours

Staying up late at night is definitely something that Jennifer Lopez never does, as she is a big fan of sleep. As the well-known singer has often stated, she makes sure to sleep at least eight hours a day.

  • He swears on her moisturizer cream.

What steals the show on each of her appearances, is her alabaster skin. She is one of the women who will never forget to rinse her face, as she always makes sure to clean and moisturize it deeply. Her favorite cream is La Mer’s Moisturizing Soft Cream.