It is a fact that in the summer we like to wear crop tops often. The choices in shapes, colours and patterns are many but the way we choose to wear this clothing piece is crucial.

Even though the simplest way is to wear it with a pair of jeans or monochromatic shorts, in fact its most elegant and stylish mix & match is a bit different…


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A crop top, when we walk the pedestrianised areas of Greek Islands, looks like an ideal styling choice. However, when thinking about the informal rules of dressing for the city and our daily habits and needs, it’s a totally different situation.


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A jacket, whether long-sleeved, short-sleeved or a shirt are the best “friends” of our crop tops, since together they undoubtedly create the most elegant outfits.

In fact, the history of the crop top in the world of fashion dates back to 1940 and up until now it has made its reappearance in the fashion trends over and over again.

But especially in the 70s and 80s it was considered to be one of the most stylish statement pieces, usually worn in its long-sleeved version and matched with a pencil skirt.

Let’s not forget its domination in epic films like Dirty Dancing or Madonna that wore it in her own special way.

Combine it with different patterns or textures on shirts or jackets to create even more interesting outfits.