Maria Tripolitaki Vesper Beauty & Fashion editor

It’s summer, so lets go for a cruise! But what will you get with you? Sometimes it can be a real problem. You start loading your suitcase with tones of stuff and the only thing left outside is yourself! No worries! I can help you with the must haves and in a few minutes you will be ready for the wonderful cruise that awaits you.

Let me note here that cruise ships have their own dress code, which I will reveal to you later on, so its not a usual vacation packing. Besides my must haves it would be wise to visit the company’s website for more information.

1)Everyday outfit

I’m sure your first thought of an everyday outfit will be a lovely and comfortable shorts with a t-shirt. But unfortunately it’s not within the dress code. So either you will avoid it or you will just one with you. A nice choice for a casual look is an off-shoulder dress or wide trousers that will make you feel comfortable throughout the cruise.

1)Mango-Off-shoulder dress 2)HnM-Lyocell trousers


You do not need anything more than a swimsuit, hat, sunscreen and a beach tunic mixed with your favourite shorts. You will not need a towel as the ship provides this service for free. Keep in mind that only in the pools’ buffet will serve you with this outfit.

ASOS-Beach premium embroidered maxi cover up

3)Evening Wear

As I said, after 6 pm the clothing should be “country club casual”, that is simple and elegant, if you wish to taste the gourmet dishes of the restaurant, have a drink, have fun in the entertainment halls or try your luck at the casino. So choose long pants with a top or a dress.

Zara-Printed trousers with elastic hems


It is important for easily moving through the ship to have a comfortable pair of shoes along with you. Flat sandals, sneakers or sandals with a low platform. They will also be necessary for your visits to the islands or at the organized day trips. If you are going to visit the gym or the pool, then you have to wear the appropriate outfit. The classic beach sandals as you understand, are prohibited outside the pool area.


Από αριστερά προς τα δεξιά: 1) Stradivarius-Sandals with fabric upper 2)Stradivarius-Jute flatform sandals with a bow 3)HnM-Braided slingbacks 4)Stradivarius-Feather flat sandals 5)HnM-Velour sandals 6)Bershka-Die-cut sneaker with metalic trim

5) Cocktail party

Don’t forget the captain’s cocktail party usually held at the last night of the cruise. Champagne, cocktails and delicious flavours await you to try them in a formal dress. So prefer an airy night dress and combine it with shiny accessories that will make you steal the show.

Mango-Strapless dress


As we are talking about cruises and islands, you should not omit a jean or a jacket for the summer chills. If you are not a fan, keep with you a pashmina that I am sure will accompany you in all your excursions.

1)Zara-Linen jacket 2)Zara-Denim jacket


Of course it is not in the dress code of the cruise, as it can not be forbidden! It is your best friend, the one you’re never separated from. In this case, prefer a casual bag, perhaps a backpack, that will fit your water and personal items (which are a lot, I know), an oversized bag and of course a simple envelope/pouch that will match with your evening wear.

1)Achilleas Accessories-Light work monochrome hobo bag 2)Achilleas Accessories-Mixed ethnic printed straw pouch


Whatever you choose, you’ll be perfect!

Hat, glasses, bag and salute!

Happy Holidays!