Forget mom jeans, fashion has now reached dad sneakers!

The so-called “ugly” shoes made their appearance in an unusual way. Initially, they “woke up” from the 80’s and our dad’s wardrobes, who used to wear them mostly in white color, combined with white socks and Levis jeans. Then they made their appearannce on instagram and the wardrobes of celebrities. The designers responded to this demand and rushed to fill their displays with countless variations of dad sneakers.


Balenciaga Triple S  Trainers

In early summer of 2018, the words “dad shoes” and “dad sneakers” became famous on Google Trends and the increase in sales was spectacular. Although no one can say what made us  to love these shoes again, some companies like Nike and Adidas have started to embrace this idea. Moreover we have seen countless high end variants of these shoes, such as those of Balenciaga and also impressive outfits with “ugly shoes” made by Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid and Hailey Baldwin.

Athleiusure and comfort combined with girly choices is a picture that tells a real story about the strong, modern but still feminine woman.