If there’s one thing that is necessary in our everyday lives during quarantine days, that is coffee. As people have plenty of time to experiment, it makes sense for a new kind of coffee to become viral. Dalgona coffee seems to have been the center of attention and is everywhere on social media. This coffee seems to be the opposite of the ordinary coffee, ie its base is milk and the frothy coffee on top. Dalgona coffee originated in South Korea and took its name from a popular snack in the country.

After personal experience I have to admit that it certainly won its viral place as it is a very delicious version of a coffee. My husband, a lover of take away coffee, was very excited when he tried it for the first time, and it made his day his day as he felt after a long time that he was drinking a coffee from a cafeteria. So it’s worth a try. Let’s see what the recipe is.



2 tbsp. instant coffee

2 tbsp sugar

2 tbsp. hot water

We prepare the frothy coffee in a bowl, mixing the coffee, sugar and water with a mixer for about 2 to 3 minutes.

We place two thirds of milk in the glass, hot or cold, and then the frothy coffee on top. If we want to make it freddo then we add ice to the milk!

Have fun and don’t forget, we stay home and we stay safe!