Do you try to add a feminine touch to your home without making it look too girly?  Then you reading the right article! The key is to have a pleasant harmony between the feminine elements of your homes’ deco.

A simple way can be to decorate your home with fresh flowers. For example, put some flowers on the table, but don’t get too carried away. A  simple jar is enough, like a glass that resembles the ones we store food.

To give femininity to your home, you need to renew every space. You can decorate the office area, with the help of a wall, by adding a chic mirror, small frames and a few golden touches.

In the living room, for example, you can decorate the sofa or chairs with some feminine and elegant pillows.  Try some with fringes or roses or other elements and choose a soft feminine color.

Give your bedroom a chic and feminine note by choosing the right textures. Create contrasts by mixing satin and faux fur combinations.

In the bathroom, replace your old curtain with a more feminine one. Hang elegant, small lamps and make purple or pink the dominate color.

You can still create a feminine decor in your home lighting scented candles, throwing fringed throws on your couch and making a chic corner that you will decorate with simple jewelry and small accessories, for example a pair of sunglasses.