We usually buy them for this specific reason… In other words, we choose a scented candle mainly because of its packaging. Its glass jar, is what attracts us in the first place and then its scent.

But why should we have to throw away such a beautiful object from our house when our candle melts down completely?


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In a world that nowadays has fortunately begun to become a little more aware of environmental issues, we think twice before buying something and especially before throwing it away. And these jars are a great example of what we can do with objects that we would otherwise through away.

Many times it is just obvious that we do not want to separate this aesthetically perfect touch from our home decoration but on the other hand we do not know what to do with it, how to upcycle it.

There are actually some easy and simple ways to use these jars as a beautiful design object to decorate our houses.


First of all, you can do something to help the environment and the atmosphere, while maintaining the aesthetics of your space. So you can transplant an indoor plant or flower inside the jar using just soil and water.

The second way is even simpler. You can use them to store any kind of jewelry or your makeup brushes.

Finally, a simple tealight is enough to give life again to the candle’s jar.

There is an easy way to remove the remnants of the candle. Just place your jar in the refrigerator for a few hours. Then you can simply remove them with a spoon.