The fact that we’ve spent so much more time at home the past few months, made many of us to search of new ways to improve its interior design.

Various interior design trends arise every year. The posters collection is a very simple and economical way to differentiate one of the spaces of our house.

A lot of frames can give color to our spaces but also add a special “character”,  as which ones we choose and how we combine them can reveal our personal taste and interests.

Linear drawings, photos, paintings, even posters from exhibitions or dishes… Let your imagination run wild and hang on your walls what expresses you the most.

You do not need to choose only one space to implement this idea, for example in the living room.

The dining room, a hall, the kitchen or the part of the wall near a staircase, could also be decorated with multiple frames.

Even the wall in the bedroom above your double bed can be completely changed using the same trick.

Especially if you have a high ceiling, the option of decorating with multiple frames can be extremely creative.


The choice of the frames, of course should be a personal matter, so do not hesitate to change them many times.

In addition, if you like painting or drawing, do not forget to frame and hang one or more of your works!