The streets of New York are like a canvas for experimentation were new fashion ideas are born. Fresh and unexpected outcomes that most of the times are impressive.

Most of the times, practicality and warmth are sacrificed on the altar of style … but this is not the case for the very interesting new layer that has emerged, not just to enhance our style and add an originality to it, but also to play an important role as a remarkable ally against the cold.


Our beloved journalist and entrepreneur Leandra Medine wore a dickey over her jacket as she walked the streets of New York. The result: Just perfect!

It basically looks like the version of a sweater without sleeves that we normally find over shirts or under jackets. Also the fact that we can’t easily classify them in either the clothing category or the accessories is what makes it more interesting.


For the story… dickey was initially a men’s wardrobe piece, worn over the shirt to cover the imperfections of workers who couldn’t afford to pay the laundry often.

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Its future? It is predicted to be very diverse and we are curious to see it!