Dry brushing is an exfoliation method, which has many benefits to offer to our body and skin, especially to us women. Let’s have a look of these benefits and why you have to add it to your beauty and skincare to do list!

First, let me tell you that there are different views on how often you have to do dry brushing.  Some experts believe it can be done every day, while others claim that once or twice a week is enough. Especially if you have a sensitive skin. Also avoid areas of the body which suffer from a skin condition, such an eczema. With this method, you are definitely giving yourself extra moments of rest and relaxation, during your bath. It also helps you reduce stress levels from the fast pace of everyday life and lets you enjoy what you do.

All you need to do dry brushing, is just a brush, so it is a very easy and cheap solution for exfoliating your skin. Furthermore it helps you treat cellulite, because you rub certain parts of the body, that it appears, like your thighs, and has that orange peel texture. It is advisable to start the process from the feet and move slowly to the heart making smooth and circular movements on your skin with the brush. As your skin, afterwards may be slightly irritated you should use a moisturizing body cream or a sunscreen.

By frequently brushing our body, blood circulates better and our complexion is hydrated and rejuvenated. Finally, fluid retention is avoided and toxins are eliminated. So why should you start the dry brushing method by yourself? To make your skin look healthier, remove dead cells and feel like having a spa at home, of course!

Extra tip: It is best to do dry brushing before bathing or showering. Choose a brush of natural hair that is not too soft.