Easter is only a few days away and like every woman that respects herself, you can’t pick the outfit of that day at the last moment. Women also have it in their DNA to always think about their clothes, make-up, accessories and shoes that suit in every occasion, early.

So we at {Vesper}, want you to always be up to date about fashion and what is suitable for you to wear, depending on where you are going, so we have some suggestions for Easter night, that you will make you feel comfortable, but also be stylish, whether you stay in the city or you  going to your home town or on an island.

Easter in the city

If Easter night finds you in your city, because you have obligations or not, then the ideal outfit includes something simple, chic and casual. In the city you are free to dress with an even more relaxed way but you should always have style!
So we would suggest a total black look with a black blazer and black pants with a belt. You can complete your look with white sneakers and a white t-shirt to break the monotony and fashionable at the same time. You could also wear paperbag trousers in a plaid pattern and a checkered suit or a blazer, that is a the trend of the season, along with high-heeled black sandals and you’re ready to go.

total black ντύσιμο για Ανάσταση στην πόλη

Total black, Stradivarius 

Ριγέ σύνολο, Bershka

Easter in your home town

If you pass your Easter in your home town, you will probably be the center of attention, especially if they haven’t see you for a long time or it’s your first time. But it is also a good opportunity to wear that dress in a bold color you have in your wardrobe, as the place needs some exaggeration these days. Complete your outfit with impressive earrings, a ponytail and maybe a clutch.

κίτρινο φόρεμα για Ανάσταση στο χωριό

Κίτρινο φόρεμα,  H&M

κόκκινο φόρεμα για Ανάσταση στο χωριό

Κόκκινο φόρεμα, Zara

Easter in the island

Finally, if this Easter finds you in one beautiful island, the atmosphere is more relaxed and you will surely feel like you are in a summer mood. At Easter night, as it will surely have a small breeze, I would suggest you choose a jumpsuit  with a leather jacket or a bomber, to wear. Of course you could put on something white, which is the must color in the islands, for example a white jacket dress.

ολόσωμη φόρμα για Ανάσταση στο νησί

Ολόσωμη φόρμα, Zara

φόρεμα-σακάκι για Ανάσταση στο νησί

Φόρεμα-σακάκι, Stradivarius