BB and CC creams have recently been used by many women on a daily basis, since they really have a lot to offer. After our research we will show you what each cream has to offer and which one suits you, according to your needs.

First of all both BB creams and CC creams are suitable for moisturizing our skin, while offering coverage of imperfections, thanks to their color. But in particular, the BB cream, (Blemish Balm), is ideal for “eliminating” imperfections and redness from your face.

bb κρέμα dior

BB cream, Dior

BB Lancome κρέμα

BB cream, Lancome

BB Garnier κρέμα

BB cream, Garnier

 So instead of using makeup or concealer,  you can use this cream as a foundation with a touch of shine as well! In fact, there are some BB creams that also have sun protection. Especially if you are a woman up to 30 years old, it is perfect for the face complexion and its needs for hydration and protection at this age.


CC cream, Estée Lauder 

Erre Due CC

CC cream, Erre Due

Giorgio Armani CC Cream

CC cream. Giorgio Armani

On the other hand CC cream (Color Correction), corrects the color of the face, like any discoloration caused by Sun Damage or redness. Unlike BB creams it does not offer the same coverage so it’s not recommended as foundation. Finally, due to its ingredients, it actually cares for the skin and is suitable for ages over 30, with sensitive skin and not so oily.