What can our favorite popcorn have to do with fashion? It seems that it has given its name to the latest hot fashion trend. This trend is about knits that are decorated with knitted round balls. This type of stitches are called popcorn.

Φθινόπωρο τάσεις της μόδας: Τα pop corn πλεκτά

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The trend of popcorn knits

This trend is not afraid of volume and adds even more to the oversized knits by creating 3D patterns with large round popcorn stitches. They create designs like hearts, rhombuses and many more. They are either alone or in combination with flowers and they offer various options for you to wear this trend. These bulky but cute knits come in a wide range of colors as well. From neutral shades that you can match them with everything, in various beautiful colors for a playful touch but also in various color combinations.

Styling Tips: How to wear the trend

A pair of tight jeans are always the safest combination for oversized tops. Popcorn knits are comfortable and warm and in combination with denim, canvas shoes, sneakers or boots, offer the perfect everyday casual look. But, if you wish, you can also achieve a more sophisticated look. Pair it with a long skirt, like a tulle or a pleat one. Another way to match this trend is with a mini leather skirt, tucking in only the front part of the blouse and over the knee boots. Finally, wear it over your silk slip dress.

If you choose a single color sweater in neutral tones, wear it with your jeans or a long monochromatic skirt, also in neutral tones, and heels, then you can easily wear this outfit in the office. Also do not be afraid to match it with your favorite plaid pants.

This type of knitwear may remind you a bit of the cardigans you wore in elementary school, but if worn with the right styling it can offer you a modern, upgraded and even a sexy look! In addition, they will keep you warm but at the same time trendy, through Fall and Winter time.

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