We love the summer months that are full of sun, light and colors.

This does not mean, however, that winter, especially heavy winter, has not its own beauty.

In any case, it makes sense to look for ways to shine and the new season’s trend is all about that, but…. in a more “fancy” way!


The sequined or sparkly trousers upgrade our everyday outfits by adding a refreshing and sparkly touch, but we should always be careful to match them in such way that they remain elegant!

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Therefore, we should choose wisely the circumstances in which we will wear them:

We say yes to parties and events, yes to evening drinks and theater, to festivals and the cinema!


If you want to achieve a truly classy look, match your sparkly pants with a monochrome velvet body or jacket and some interesting jewelry.


If you still want to make your outfit look more “everyday” pair it with woollen jackets, ideally with big beautiful buttons, or cozy, monochrome and chic cashmere sweaters.