Sometimes women want to have a girly mood and style. These past few seasons, girly look is a trend that make us feel joyful, with brighter colors such as yellow and pink and details like lace or ribbons. Extra tip: Every woman has to own a tulle skirt!

In general, pastel shades give a cute effect and they echo back to younger ages. The pink color, of course, is well-known as a “girlish” color, whether we are talking about a more intense shade or a baby-pink one.

In order to achieve a total  girly look, just the clothes are not enough. We have to apply the right makeup and hairstyle. We have to avoid any exaggeration for the makeup. A touch of blush and lip gloss and you have a perfect girly loοk. As for the hair, the most “girly” hairstyles are definitely a ponytail or a braid. There is nothing more girly then a ribbon as a hair accessory. Finally, to complete the look with the right shoes choose a pair boots in light colour or sneakers.

Check out the following 5 girly look, to get some ideas!


girly look με φούστα

Tulle skirt ,Stradivarius

bershka ολόσωμη φόρμα

Jumpsuit, Bershka

μποτίνια stradivarius

Boots, Stradivarius

φούστα stradivarius

Denim skirt, Stradivarius

τζιν stradivarius

Jean, Stradivarius