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The flamingo, or the Phoenicopterus, the pink bird you meet all over the world and stands out for its color, its tall thin legs and the crooked nose, couldn’t imagine that it will be the trend of the season. There is no way you haven’t seen even one flamingo during your summer vacations. The beaches and just them, are full of flamingo.

But how did it all begun? An American company with swimming pools, in order to please its new costumers, along with the delivery of the pool made aninflatable swan as a gift. From 2015, the company decided to decorate all swimming pools with inflatable swans. Since then every house had a swan. The beginning of “winged evil” was inadvertently made by the beloved singer Taylor Swift when she shared a photo of her on an inflatable swan at Instagram. It does not take much to became a trend.

Instagram: @taylorswift

Since then, many companies begun to inflate various designs. But what prevailed was the flamingo of course! The Australian company “Sunnylife” managed to make the flamingo brand, not only in inflatable but in different kind of products. It increased its profit in Amazon (at 80 euros one inflatable for those who are interested) and made a deal with the well-known brand J. Crew. And all these thanks to the pink winged flamingo! Who would expected this by the flamingos!

This fashion brand, has reached 1,815,729 posts at Instagram today, and is not missing from almost any pool or sea in the world. You can find it in any kind of product. In cakes, glasses, t-shirts, swimsuits, handbags, slippers, umbrellas, keychain, mobile phone cases, home decoration, even nail art designs and tattoos. So do not be surprised that someone gives you such a gift. Flamingos hunt us this year and that’s a fact.

If you wish to stand out, then there is no choice. Full of flamingos for this season! Just shoot and share on Instagram with hastag #flamingo.




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