Ancient texts and theater, Greek mythology, tradition and art, the Aegean sea, a modern perspective, pop culture, optimism, timeless aesthetics … anything can “fit into” this piece of fabric.


Nika Clothes & Accessories

How can an accessory like this make your appearance special or become an element of your signature style? Sophisticated, colorful, playful, even funny, your scarves can turn your everyday look into a little story telling.



Fine quality and fabrics, Greek silk, handmade details and innovative printing techniques. Greek designers as well as Greek brands that are mainly produce scarves are a lot and they do a great job. They are exporting products around the world, and their approach could be characterized as “seriously artistic”.


A totem fur Elita

Every time the result fascinates us and grabs our attention.


Grecian Chic

The ways to wear a scarf are really countless and the process will always be creative. This accessory can make its owner feel that creativity and freedom on how to wear them, has no limits.



Our advice? Let your imagination fly whenever you add a scarf to your look!



Choose the scarf that can become your “dearest friend” over time!