There are countless photos dedicated to the new 2020 interior design trends especially in instagram… The inspiration is endless.

Let’s see some of them that reign supreme at the moment and a lot of inspiring ideas for the living room, the kitchen, the bathroom even the balcony, that we have already fell in love with!


Monochrome in bold colors

The predominance of one color in one space does not necessarily have to be in pastel tones.

On the contrary, a deep bold color dominating the room can serve multiple purposes.

The combination of these colours with other contrasting or bright colors adds a unique character to the space.

Combining new with vintage items

The items in our home can actually tell our life story.

Items belonging to previous generations of our family, objects from travels or local producers, craftsmen or artists usually can “tell” one of our  short or long stories.

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Lest we forget… #homeinspo

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The combination of these objects with new ones can become truly magical and reflect our personality to the room.

Indoor plants

The famous painter Kandinsky had done a research according to which the green colour has the ability to calm us down, to create harmony but also, of course, to remind us of nature.

In recent years, the use of indoor plants give a natural feel and vitality to the space we choose to use them.

This is why it makes sense to know about the climate, the humidity, the light that each plant needs, so we can pick the right one for our homes.

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Following on from my previous post about original features, I thought I would show you some more. This room probably has the most original features in the house. Both fire and surround are original including the tiles. Skirting and coving are. My most favourite feature in the whole house is the lincrusta above the picture rail. I’m guessing this would have been in other rooms too but some fool removed them at some point. The window panelling is also original and beautiful, I’ll do it’s own little feature at some point. I am definitely missing the winter fires we would have in this room. I would still have them because I’m always cold but Matt wouldn’t be impressed. How many times did I say original there? Original, original, orig… ok I’ll stop, you get the picture. #livingroomdecor #livingroominspo #originalcharacter #farrowandball #lincrusta #ourplace #homesofinstagram #edwardianhome #homedecor #interiors #interiordecoration #myperiodhomestyle #renovation #interiorstyling #pocketofmyhome #periodpropery #originalfeatures #thiscreativehome #coolinteriors #dailyhomeshare

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All plants are living organisms and they produce positive energy.

In addition, plants such as aloe can clean the air and there is absolutely no reason to avoid them for fear of consuming the oxygen in our space.

Interesting prints 

They make our space look more like a theater stage …

The different beautiful designs and patterns when combined in an elegant way can transform a space, making it truly unique.

Don’t hesitate to turn your favorite objects into new ones by covering them in fabrics or painting them. That way you give a personalized and handmade character to the objects that already have a symbolic or emotional value for you.

Bathroom fun 

A small space like the bathroom is ideal for experimenting so that someone can encounter there the “unexpected”.

Humor, bright or pastel colours combined with interesting wallpapers, special designs and the use of different materials will help you smile every time you visit your bathroom.

In addition special tiles, indoor plants and even posters with clever quotes or images will help you add character to the smallest space of your home that often tends to remain a little bit neglected.

Open Shelves

Apart from the practicality, the open shelves are playing also a different role.

The avoidance of constantly searching for objects in closed and uncomfortable cupboards is the essential advantage of this option.

Another thought is that taking an object out of an open shelf reminds us of the moment we bought it.

In this way, an air of freshness is subconsciously connected to the simple moves we often make in our daily lives, such as choosing the right dish for our lunch or a mug for a coffee.