The great Greek designer has just passed away and we can remember his amazing journey through a brief overview of his  productive life.

He made his first steps as a teenager in his father’s store. His father had noticed that his son had the instinct to choose textiles  that a few months later were the dominant trends of the big Parisian houses.

He became later an ambitious, artistic but also passionate sailing champion and racing driver.

He was also a successful advertiser and the decorator of royal weddings and baptisms.

In 1964 he takes over the family-run fashion business and begins designing his first fabric collection, the Tseklenis Silks Collection, in collaboration with Chrysalis.

He collaborated with the high-end designer Dimi Kritsa and presented his new collection in New York.

Elizabeth Arden, 85th years old owner of the most influential fashion house of their time, orders 5,000 meters of silk fabrics, and the Cheklen-Kritsa label goes on the US market.


He is designing his second personal collection based on the Minoan motifs and themes for a campaign entitled “The Greek Fashion Odyssey”, sponsored by EOT, Olympiaki, Brandy Metaxas and … Aristotle Onassis.

He launches his creations in Greece and the Middle East and at the same time they are sold at large department stores in Germany and England making him happy as his dream was to promote the Greek aesthetics abroad.

He designs the Olympic Airways, Kuwait Airways and Air Malta uniforms.

His clothes were worn by Jackie because of his collaboration with Aristotle Onassis.

In 1977 he collaborates with Mignon department stores.

In one  night Mignon turns into ashes. Six of his boutiques are burnt along with a loss of millions.


He recovers and in 1982 he creates the famous collection inspired by the artist Yannis Gaitis.

Shortly after he designed uniforms for Greek police.

Then he left fashion world and builded the first art boutique hotel in Santorini.

Ambition, creativity, vision, dedication and success. Giannis Tseklenis will be forever a huge chapter in the history of Greek fashion and aesthetics!