Louis Vuitton opened its first cafe-restaurant in Osaka, Japan, on 1st of February 2020.

Located on the fourth floor, Le Café V features a cocktail bar and an open terrace. In the evening it opens the doors of the Sugalabo which hosts the dishes of the distinguished chef, Yosuke Suga.

In addition, a hidden space includes an open kitchen behind a speakeasy door.

At a glance inside the café and the luxury restaurant, you can discover its unique design consisting of warm wood and sleek details and also some influences from the city that hosts this unique place.

This is the latest addition of a luxury restaurant into a flagship store. Ralph Lauren opened his first restaurant in Chicago in 1999 and since then he has opened a lot of restaurants in New York, Paris and London.

This change aimed at getting people away from their computers and bringing them back to the shops to spend their time there.

It’s no coincidence that even sports or casual clothing stores like Lululemon or Urban Outfitters have recently followed this new trend.

For sure… we are very curious to see the dynamics of this trend in the future!