Macedonio Bezerra is the official makeup artist of an international brand ARTDECO. It is certain that you have to be very talented for this position and someone would think that is not easy to reach this kind of people. That is not true for Macedonio. I’ve met him here in Greece and I was impressed by his positive energy and humility. We chatted for a while and he made me feel like we were really good friends. The best part was that I had the luck to leave myself into his magical hands.

Where do you come from and where are you located now?

I’m from Brazil and located in Munich – Germany

When have you decided to become a makeup artist? Where did you study?

Actually, it was purely by chance! In 1997 I landed in the makeup industry working for the important Brazilian brand. It was love at first sight! Experimenting with makeup on my colleagues and customers, I realized that I developed a keen interest in colors and transformations. Then I received an invitation to work abroad as National makeup artist for in Portugal. In 2009, I went to the London Fashion College to study makeup for cinema, TV and theatre. Thereafter I knew it, I would be a makeup artist, I had found my mission in this world – I love my work!

How did you become the official Make Up Artist of ARTDECO?

Was also by change! I meet the marketing director and she invited me to work in her team for Artdeco.

Which of your achievements make you proud?

I came from a small city in Brazil that never thought to be an international makeup artist for an important brand as Artdeco. I am proud for my development as a person and as a professional. All the decisions in my life make me the person that I am today, and I am proud to be this person.

What are the difficulties of your profession?

Work with not professional and snobbish people; by the way, in my profession we meet a lot people like that, unfortunately!

Macedonio Bezerra - ARTDECO official Makeup Artist

Which persons do you admire?

Many people! I do like Alex Box, she is a great makeup artist, so talented! The Brazilian super model Gisele Bündchen, she is an amazing professional and person. Peter Lindenberg, he is great photographer and love his work.

Give us three makeup tips or advices.

Find your right foundation shade (important), Take always your perfect red lipstick in your bag and find your own style, no matter what they say, you have your own style, that’s fabulous!

Which are your favorite beauty & makeup products and why?

I’m always worried about perfect skin. Therefore, my favorite products are complexion products. Primers, Foundations, Powders and Concealers, they must be perfect!

Because if you have a nice and perfect complexion, you do not need too much makeup on!

Do you like travelling?

Sure! I love to travel and I am lucky because in my job I have the opportunity to travel a lot.

How is a typical day of your life?

I have quite busy agenda, when I’m not in business trip I work in the office updating presentations, searching new makeup products, trends, techniques, I also do a lot Artdeco shootings, specially new collections.

When I am traveling is very different, usually have many events with journalists and bloggers and training with local team.

Macedonio Bezerra - ARTDECO official Makeup Artist

Do you have any hobbies or things you like to do to relax?

To be honest, I love to travel! However, this is my job! When I have some free time, I try to spend it at home with people that I love and my dog and cats. I love just to walk in the park in a sunny day and meet friends to have a drink and chat a bit, just have a bit fun.

What makes you smile?

Smart people with smart jokes.

Tell us three things you can’t leave without.

My first coffee in the morning (I just wake up after my coffee), Sunny days (Therefore I left London) and my makeup kit (Specially my brushes)

If you where an eyeshadow which shade would you be and why?

Definitely black sparkling! Girls must have a black and sparkling eyeshadow, smokey eyes its good in any occasion! Can be dramatic or not, but it’s always a trend.

Thank you Macedonio Bezerra