I’m sure you’re finally enjoying your golden skin that you’ve so “hard” got this summer. September is here though and you are afraid that your tan will soon be gone. There is a way to keep your tan  through September and why not, October.

The best solution, of course, is to continue your favorite swimming in the sea, as the weather is still hot. So don’t miss your chance in the weekend to visit the nearest beach. However, if something like this is impossible, no worries, there are little and simple tips to help you.

Count one on the list, drink plenty of water. Of course you have to do this anyway, but in this case, what you will do is keep your skin well hydrated so you expand the life of your cells and thus of your tan!


Δώσε διάρκεια στο μαύρισμά σου και τον Σεπτέμβρη

The Body Shop – Black Musk Night Bloom Body Lotion

Hydration is definitely the key, so besides water, take care of your skin with moisturizing body creams. In addition you will have a smooth and soft skin.

Something else that will make it last longer, is exfoliation. By casting the outer layer of dead cells from your skin, you will remove dullness and your tan skin will glow.

Δώσε διάρκεια στο μαύρισμά σου και τον Σεπτέμβρη

Bioselect – Body Sugar Scrub – Exfoliate & Polish – Pina Colada

Finally, if you can stand it, cold showers are ideal, since hot water dehydrates the skin. No way for me though, so I’ll “fight it” with the methods above!