Meg Cope gave up twenty years of career as a Consultant Eye Surgeon and founded in 2015 the Zaccys London, famous espadrilles brand. I was amazed when we met by her story on how she changed her career so rapidly. You see when her youngest child Zac, was diagnosed with leukaemia, she decided to stay at home and take care of him. Happily he successfully completed his treatment in 2015. She confided in me that her occupation with espadrilles gave her strength and a way out of her problems. Now, realising that she can’t be away from home as she used to be as a doctor, she created a very succesful brand and she proves to us that “From darkness comes Light”.

It is important to say that for every pair of Zaccys sold, £2.00 is given as a financial donation, to Children With Cancer and CLIC Sargent charities.

Meg Cope Interview - Founder of Zaccys London - Vesper Magazine

After a successful career as an Ophthalmologist Surgeon how did you decided to found the brand Zaccys?

I had struggled to find a replacement for a brilliant pair of low elasticated wedge espadrilles that I’d bought in Italy years ago.

I started drawing an upgraded version of my ideal pair, thinking I’d try to get them made…

This turned into a whole collection centred around the concepts of comfort, versatility and a maximally flattering aesthetic.

As I started to research factories I started to learn about espadrille manufacture & the complexities of making the luxury version. 

It was the interest of friends – who said they’d buy some too if I could get them made, that sowed the seed to turn my ideas into a business. 

More than anything I wanted a better life-work balance, having realised what I was missing at home, I couldn’t go back to my old routine again. 

Meg Cope Interview - Founder of Zaccys London - Vesper Magazine

What makes Zaccys espadrilles so special?

Zaccys only hand make luxury espadrilles. This means the shoes consist of internal cork wedges & platforms to which the jute braids are applied one by one, by hand. 

The upper of the shoe is attached to the base using a traditional lasting technique. 

The signature Zaccys insole is our USP. It is a unique combination of a deep, high-density memory foam cushion with a second breathable support layer. This is lined with the softest premium leather, to impart all day or night comfort.

The outsole is also special, we selected a material with a high abrasive coefficient so that it should be very durable. It is also anti-slip, so that Zaccys are completely secure on wet surfaces. 

Our attention to detail, the extraordinary craftsmanship & the use of innovative, high performance materials sets us apart from other brands selling luxury wedges.

Ultimately Zaccys are built to last, the designs are timeless & the construction superlative. Zaccys will continue to look good year after year.

Is this your first collection?

SS17 is our second collection, it is the first year we will also be offering an AW collection, which I am very excited about. 

Meg Cope Interview - Founder of Zaccys London - Vesper Magazine

Are you interested on designing only espadrilles or the brand will expand to other kind of shoes or accessories?

I definitely want to make other shoes, AW17 introduces our luxury trainer & winter slip-on. SS18 has a closed toe pump with a mini heel as well as a beach slide. 

I am also drawing & planning an ankle boot for the AW18 collection.

By popular demand I am also working on a men’s collection.

I love accessories & fashion. I am certainly considering developing accessories & possibly an essential or capsule collection of clothes.

What are your future plants about the brand?

I dream that Zaccys London will be the ‘go to’ brand for the highest quality, comfortable, flattering, beautiful, versatile shoes for both men & women making a significant contribution to children’s cancer charities.

Meg Cope Interview - Founder of Zaccys London - Vesper Magazine

Where can we find Zaccys espadrilles?

The full stockist details are on the website, but I am delighted to say that in Greece Zaccys are already available at Attica, Golden Hall, Apoella boutiques in Sani, Costa Navarino & Daios Cove. In Mykonos we are stocked by Enny di Monaco. 

We hope to add more stockists very soon.

What is your advice for people that are dealing with something very difficult in their lives?

I’m no expert, but I would say – don’t give up, look for the silver lining & be grateful. 

There are always others worse off, thinking about the hardships other people face & overcome in their lives, helped me to keep feeling grateful.  

It’s also important to be kind to yourself.

Meg Cope Interview - Founder of Zaccys London - Vesper Magazine

What is your favorite motto quote and why?

Fall seven times, get up eight. 

This is a Japanese proverb, but my father always taught us to never give up. To face failure or adversity head on & keep going. 

The wisdom & love my parents surrounded us with has always been my greatest asset.

Have you lived in Greece before? Have you moved to other countries? How difficult (or not) is to move to another country? What do you like most about Greece and what least?

We nearly moved to Singapore with my job a few years ago. I had a year planned in a Melbourne with work just before I met my husband, it was a good decision that I never went!

Moving to Greece was easy, as we had so much help & we LOVE it! 

Obviously we miss family & friends. 

I love the light here – ‘Attica fos’ is very special. The climate & outdoor living, the history, the food & our proximity to so many beautiful places to visit are hugely positive changes in our lives. 

Which part of your life makes you proud?

My children, my marriage & my previous work as a doctor.

I hope to continue to give back through the charities Zaccys supports.

Meg Cope Interview - Founder of Zaccys London - Vesper Magazine

What do you usually do to relax?

Everyday, I walk Oliver, my gorgeous Greek stray rescue dog, around the hills where we live…the views of the Aegean are spectacular & I like to exercise outside.

I am most relaxed when enjoying time with my family & friends.

What are your first memories as a child? Is there something you miss from your childhood?

My earliest memories are in Isfahan, where my brother & I were born. We used to spend the long summer holidays there before the revolution. 

They were magical summers filled with wild adventures in the vast vineyard attached to our house, where we used to hunt tarantulas & snakes, eat whole watermelons outside on a shady step & create fantastical imaginary games together

We swam, went fishing & mountain climbing during the day, then ate mouth-watering ‘joogeh’ kebabs at night in the garden, on a huge old Chesterfield sofa, underneath our family’s Pomegranate tree.

I miss my big brother, who passed away in 2012, every day.

Thank you Meg

Meg Cope Interview - Founder of Zaccys London - Vesper Magazine