The question ‘what do I wear today?’ troubles the male gender as well as the female. Today we will deal with the male wardrobe and those key pieces that will take him out of the everyday dilemma and will help him quickly choose an outfit with style.

1. T-shirts

T-shirts are an essential piece for men. They are not just comfy and easy to wear, but they are smooth, stylish and versatile. Invest in a range of classic t-shirts in different colors to make the dressing process easier.


1. Zara Premium T-shirt With Square, 2. Massimo Dutti Cotton Textured Weave Sweater, 3. Pull&Bear Nautical stripe T-shirt, 4. Bershka Short sleeve polo shirt

2. Shirts

For occasions you might want to look a bit more “well” dressed, change your t-shirt with a shirt. A cotton shirt seems an excellent idea to start with if you are not a fan of this style. Alternatively, try a design with short sleeves, denim or a print to fit your easygoing look.

1. Bershka Linen shirt with turn-up sleeves, 2. Zara Striped Textured Weave Shirt, 3. Massimo Dutti Slim Fit Faded Gabardine Shirt, 4. Pull&Bear Linen shirt with stand-up collar

3. Jeans

Jeans are casual by definition. But it can work just the same for a less casual look. All you need to do is find the perfect cut for your body. Dark, straight and tight jeans are perfect for a more formal look, while the baggy lines in brighter shades will give you a more relaxed look.


1. Massimo Dutti Casual Fit Stonewash Jeans, 2. Pull&Bear Join Life carrot fit jeans, 3. Bershka Skinny jeans, 4. Zara Soft Denim Joggers

4. Pants

When you don’t feel like wearing jeans, chinos can be an excellent choice. They are comfortable and stylish and can work very well for a smart style. Alternatively, joggers are another loose and relaxed pants choice to try out that will give an athleisure touch to your look.


1. Pull&Bear Linen chino trousers, 2. Bershka Cargo trousers with chain, 3. Zara Technical Trousers, 4. Massimo Dutti Slim Fit Checked Cotton/Linen Trousers

5. Hoodies

The humble sweatshirt is a savior when you want to look awesome and be warm at the same time. This key piece is ideal for layering in winter, and it will liven up your outfit. Just remember to look after your hoodie, so that it will always look neat otherwise there is a risk that you may look sloppy. Match it with something elegant, such as a coat or summer shorts.


1. Zara Premium Hoodie, 2. Massimo Dutti Dream Plan Do Cotton Sweatshirt, 3. Pull&Bear Pouch pocket hoodie with illustration, 4. Bershka Hooded piqué jacket

6. Footwear

These days, there are plenty of casual and comfy shoes that look great. So if you want to wear your favorite trainers or a pair of brown boots, you can and you’ll look as awesome as ever. Just make sure your shoes are clean and not worn out.


1. Bershka Men’s multi-piece trainers, 2. Zara Leather Boots – Zara Light, 3. Massimo Dutti Tan Split Suede Trainers, 4. Pull&Bear Boots with denim trim

7. Knitwear

Your wardrobe will not be complete unless you add two pieces of knitwear. Knits are also a safe choise (like hoodies) that you can use to keep you warm, but also to achieve a smart, relaxed style.


1. Massimo Dutti Plain 100% Cashmere Sweater, 2. Pull&Bear Panelled fine knit sweater, 3. Bershka Block color sweater with zip, 4. Zara High Neck Sweater

8. Jackets

When it comes to choosing the perfect jacket that suits your outfit, you have three main choices. Bomber jacket (photo 1), leather jacket  (photo 2, 3) and denim jacket (photo 4). All of them can fit well with a casual look or a more formal look. I suggest enriching your wardrobe with all of the three styles to make your life so much easier.


1. Pull&Bear Black bomber jacket with faux suede trims, 2. Bershka Faux leather biker jacket, 3. Massimo Dutti Topstitched Nappa Leather Jacket, 4. Zara Basic Denim Jacket


Tips to help you with your shopping

  • Choose essential items that will be in fashion for many years.
  • Prefer neutral colors, such as black, white and gray. It’s easier to mix and match them.
  • Find a balance between comfort and style, testing a lot of different designs.
  • Upgrade your outfits with high-quality designs in luxurious fabrics.
  • Think about the occasion you will be dressed for, before choosing the outfit.