Maria Tripolitaki Vesper Beauty & Fashion editorThe style that a hat can give you is indisputable! If I could, I would have a closet full of hats. Only hats! Everyday I would wear a different one.

So if you want to add a touch of glam to your casual look, then your only choice is to wear your lovely hat and get out. Be careful though. The hat is a special accessory, it can easily lift your look or destroy it. So you have to give emphasis to the type of hat you will choose and how you will style it!

But let’s get it from the beginning! According to archaeologists, the first  hat appeared around 27,000 BC, as seen on the Venus of Brassempouy statue, which was discovered on a mountain between Austria and Italy. It is a head of a woman who seems to wear a hat or just a wig. The hats were an ordinary accessory in ancient Egypt, mostly worn by the upper class. They are even illustrated on graves. In Greece, they were first appeared in Thessaly under the name of “petasos” and became a popular apparel accessory throughout the country.

Since then the hat spreads everywhere, changing styles and names over the years. In the 1960s the floppy hats made their appearance. But what is their main characteristic? They have a wide soft  brim, so “floppy” means “soft”. The inspiration of this type of hat  is going back to the 18th century when the great ladies combined them with long and elaborate skirts for their appearances.

There is no way you don’t remember Greta Garbo wearing a beautiful floppy hat decorated with flowers in the film of “Anna Karenina”. And if you don’t, then definitely its engraved in your memory the 60’s fashion icon, the blonde beauty, Brigitte Bardot posing with half-opened lips wearing a huge floppy hat.

But as we know, fashion is making circles through the centuries, so this season, 60’s (the most fashionable decade) “floppy hats” make their dynamic return. These “Floppy hats” come with a modern twist. They are decorated with words or messages and they are the new fashion trend.

In our days they may have been worn mostly on the beach, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be worn with your daily looks. What makes them more fun and easy to mix & match is of course their new jewel, the specific words and phrases. You have definitely seen celebrities enjoying their vacation via instagram with their own message floppy hat. So choose your favorite one and pass your own message this summer with the most chic way.