Who said that in the midst of a pandemic you can not see happy and pleasant things happening? A creative mind like Jeremy Scott can find the solution to social distancing and present in a playful way his new collection for Spring Summer 2021.

Moschino - επίδειξη μόδας με κουκλοθέατρο

“No strings attached” is the name of the collection and it was presented in the completely opposite way. Models and audience were puppets that participated in a special and unforgettable fashion show. The designer’s creations were scaled down and worn on dolls. They were presented to well-known personalities in the fashion industry, also in the form of dolls, created by “Jim Henson’s Creature Shop”.

Moschino - επίδειξη μόδας με κουκλοθέατρο

This fashion week is different from any other. All designers are looking for different ways to present their collections. Jeremy Scott is known for his love of ideas based on toys like barbie to everyday objects and famous fast food chains! That’s why this idea of a puppet show would only fit his personality! In this way he raised the bar of creativity.

Moschino - επίδειξη μόδας με κουκλοθέατρο

He says that the world has flipped and we are living in the upside down, inside-out. It is a surreal situation that seems so real at the same time. And through this new circumstances a new revolutionary book of rules is created. This situation reveals the evolution that needs to be done in the field of fashion.