Patricia Field may have became famous from the series “Sex and the City” , but her carrier in styling counts already five decades. At the same time she is considered one of the greatest visionaries of fashion, with a lot of awards in her resume for the special philosophy of show casing anything that’s different but at the same time paying attention to the quality of clothing.

Although, many consider Patricia Field as modern and fashionable, she does not accept the title as she does not follow fashion trends. She only cares for the styling to be timeless and invests in quality, rather than quantity.
We collected 3 + 1 styling tips from Patricia Field, for timeless and unique styles:

  1. Accessories: ” Accessories can uplift your style, but they can also destroy it.”


Accessories are an easy solution that can take off your style! Add to your collection a lot of accessories, like belts and hats, because the clothes’ fashion comes and goes. Instead of spending a lot of money on a variety of clothes, prefer to invest in accessories. If you tie a belt under your chest, then your legs will look taller, if you tie it in your waist, you can get a sexy look. Finally, adding a hat to a classic style, it will be the first thing that someone will notice and definitely can make a difference.

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  1. The art of Recycling: “We’re not throwing anything away”

Have you ever thought that even your old underwear can be used? So if you have a slip, try it as a dress for the beach. A corset, but also a t-shirt can be matched with jeans, shorts or a skirt, depending on the occasion.

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  1. Little black dress: ” From another point of view”

Channel’s little black dress, was loved because it can be worn in many ways, but at the same time, you can achieve different kind of styles. Have your ever though of trying a rock style? To do so, go for a total black look, with a black leather jacket and put on a black lipstick.

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+1 Red hair: ” Colors make people happy ”

If you have light skin complexion, forget about blond hair and try them in red. With an in fashion styling, red hair will make a difference. Especially if you are the type of person that enjoys bold color combinations, red hair will enhance your styla and as Field says: “I think redheads can wear anything. (meaning colour)”

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But above all, as she says: “Wear whatever you like, without worrying about trends”, as her goal is to show the personality of each character, as everyone tells a story by their personal styling, adding that “Every woman must look for her own personality and how to express it ” and “If you know who you are, you can build what you are.”

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