Since we last watched the glamorous “Sex and the City”, two decades have passed and yet we remain just as much in love with the four friends, with whom we have pretty much identified. “And just like that”, after so long, we get rewarded for our patience and the story begins again. The new sequel of “Sex and the City” is a fact and Carrie Bradshaw will take us on a tour of new adventures through the streets of New York. Besides the fact that we love the series, we are even more addicted to the wardrobe of Carrie Bradshaw, which Sarah Jessica Parker deservingly represents. We will see bellow the “hottest style” outfits of the “golden” co-star, so don’t forget to take notes. 

One outfit that guarantees to catch the eye is without a doubt, this midi shirtdress, in a very intense lilac color, matching it with high-heeled black pumps. So even a casual outfit can be transformed into a more professional one, adding a few touches of elegance like the right accessories for example. 

Her charm is her eccentric and subversive style and that’s what makes her a fashion icon. So a colorful dress with geometric designs and glamorous fabric could not be missing from her wardrobe. Especially matched with bronzed sandals, a shirtdress and the detail that makes all the difference of course,  her purple bag.

I can’t take my eyes of it! What could be more chic than this polka dot belted skirt, combined with a 3/4 sleeve bodysuit? A more formal and casual combination along with retro and modern elements, are the characteristics that exude a scent of a past era. The detail that enhances the effect is the hand painted vintage bag and the “bird” hat. Something that represents the style of  both Carrie and Sarah Jessica Parker at the same time!


A classic appearance is also impressive, with striped suit emphasizing on the androgynous style in a more special color like this Burgundy red. Wide, high-waisted trousers matched with a men’s jacket. The ballet bun and her Manolo Blahnik pumps are setting off this look to perfection. Try it out!


“And just like that”, we look forward to the trendiest looks of the fashion guru…