They look like rubber bands but they are not. They are made of plastic and they gather our hair stylishly, but you can’t say that they are discreet …

With scrunchies you have to choose… either love or hate them!


A year ago Balenciaga launched its own version at a price reaching …. $ 200. Moreover Mansur Gavriel presented its models with their ponytails banded in scrunchies.

We usually find them made out of silk or organza and it’s no coincidence that we’ve even seen vintage Hermes scarves that have been used in order to create scrunchies.

You can find the way to create scrunchies in a lot of diy blogs.

Hermes, Vintage

In any case, as always, we love the Greek creations a little bit more.

Actually we are talking about a high fashion trend almost dreamy… as it reminds us of clouds wrapped around our hair!

Marina Vernicos