As weather becomes warmer and we are so close to May, we prefer outfits that go with the sunny days and the evening breeze. Most of the times, we  worry about it since we spend most of our day out for work and other obligations and we don’t have the opportunity to change clothes. That’s why we should pick plain and basic garments to wear , that are always in fashion, like a denim jacket or a white T-shirt, adding some accessories to elevate it.

One item that can elevate fast and easy our style, is scarf. Depending on our personal style, we can choose a monochromed or colourful scarf, with vivid patterns. square or rectangular shape, in any kind of sizes we prefer, so it can be worn in different ways.

Scarf it’s also a season essential item as it is very practical as well… It keeps us warm by the light breeze without having to wear something heavy.




Floral Satin multiple Bandana Bershka


Set with choker scarves  Bershka

If we choose a small one, it can be worn tied or knitted on our hair through a braid for a bohemian style, or just around our neck as a safer choice.

In case we prefer  long and big ones, we can wear them by having it loose on our shoulders or with its endings in front with a wide belt to adjust it with the rest of the look, so it be brighter and bolder.

Scarf with frayed endings  MANGO


Floral Scarf ZARA

Scarves are one of the easiest and cheapest ways to refresh and elevate our style, since it gives us the chance to make simple mix & matches if we like to play it safe. Otherwise, we can wear it in more alternative ways as mentioned above.